Compliance Registers

While Vendor Reports manages all the 3rd party inspections maintainable assets, there are several critical items on site that are non-maintainable. These don’t appear in the substantive maintenance systems eg SAP. Items such as pressure relief valves, ladders, lifting equipment etc. Yet these critical assets are required to be tracked and inspected regularly in conformance to Australian Standards and Industry Recognised Standards.


Hence, INTELICS has provided Risk Registers, the software that covers this equipment. 
Single Truth
Traditionally these risk registers exist within Excel spreadsheets that are hidden away on a file server or given to a single person to manage on their desktop.
Risk Register provide managers and superintendents full visibility about the risk within their respective sections.
Web Based Application
No software installation required, immediately accessible on all internet connected devices.
Spreadsheets offer no workflow, or functionality beyond list organisation. Risk Registers gives everyone monthly reports, enables third party to upload inspection evidence, update your lists, and provide reminders for equipment that are about to expire.
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