EEM Guardian

Trailing Cable Management, Powerline Permits, the Control System Bridging Permits and the upcoming commissioning sheets are all designed to assist the Electrical Engineering Manager to get a handle on the huge risks these tasks present. Ensures your sites compliance to Mining Legislation. 


The platform is lightyears ahead of its original design and scope, now extended to support the EEM on a range of risk items.
HV Switching Sheets
Coming Soon.
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Powerline Permits
Manage powerline crossings. Work permits for your corridors are now simple, visible, and recordable.
Control System / Bridging Permits
A clear approval workflow for change requests ending with a permanent record. Easy.
Electrician Appointment
A time consuming and onerous task for most EEMs. Gathering the evidence, checking certifications, marking exams, forcing interviews into your busy schedule. We get it. So we developed Electrician Appointment which automates this process for you.
Web Based Application
No software installation required, immediately accessible on all internet connected devices.
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