Critical Work Risk Management Platform

Hire Guardian provides you with full visibility of risks and real-time provision of evidence from hiring equipment.

Unprecedented visibility enabling better business decisions

Risks covered include brake tests, pressure vessels,
Statutory Testing, Structural inspections etc.

Compliance Integrity you can trust
Provide evidence all your hire equipment
is being inspected and maintained as
per critical work plan
Risk ranking enables intelligent auditing
Better insight into your risk areas. This enables targeted auditing for maximum improvement impact. And ultimately, better decision making on the best vendor for each of your specific equipment type needs.
Increased availability, safety, and accountability
Fully Compliant + serviced equipment delivers better availability + productivity. Correctly maintenance and inspected equipment is undeniably safer as defects have been identified and removed.

Do you want safer and more productive Hire Equipment?

Hire Equipment

INTELICS Hire Guardian is designed to manage all your Hire Equipment that sit outside your regular CMMS (SAP, Oracle).
It provides a Critical Work plan for each equipment type, then holds each Hire Partner accountable to provide evidence for each piece of kit.
Hire Guardian Mockup
Customise to meet your needs
Create bespoke critical work plans for any piece of equipment in any situation.
See exactly which vendors are compliant, and rank them by risk level. Monthly reporting and interactive dashboards will keep you on top of your obligations
Web Based Application
No software installation required, immediately accessible on all internet connected devices.
Trusted by Australia’s
top mining companies
Superintendent Contract Management

“INTELICS have provided our team with a custom cutting-edge condition monitoring platform. The data analysis made available through their tools enables me to get the best from my reliability team. We now have forewarning on many defects as the system provides smart notifications on abnormal indicators.”

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