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Condition Monitoring Platform you can trustIndustry-leading
technology solutions
All-in-one platform to help our clients succeed through
improved asset management, enhanced statutory compliance
and proactive contractor management.
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Industry-leading technology solutionsBoost Productivity
with Improved
Fleet Asset Health
Better cable performance, better reliability & productivityOptimise Reliability through
Intelligent Cable Management
Digital Twin for full Component Life ManagementMaximise Component Life
through Predictive Analytics
300+ Large scale vendors onboard
$22M+ Worth of potential asset failures rescued by our PMI
5000K+ Reports currently managed
$8B+ Worth assets managed for clients
Large scale vendors onboard
Worth of potential asset failures rescued by our PMI
Reports currently managed
Worth assets managed for clients
The INTELICS App Network
Simplify and streamline the complexities of your mine site by exploring the solutions below.
Contractor Management
Queensland Mining’s First
Full-Spectrum Digital
Contractor Management System
Vendor Reports
Streamlined Condition Monitoring Platform for Better Fleet Asset Health.
Trailing Cables
Intelligent Cable Management
to optimise equipment performance, productivity and reliability
Digital twin for full component life management - Monitor asset health, crack propagation and component fatigue.
Hire Guardian
Effortlessly manage equipment compliance while gaining full visibility into critical work risks associated with equipment hire.
Condition Monitoring
Industry leading monitoring tool

We are trusted by
Australia’s top mining companies


Simply Do it Better

Component Life Management

Component Life Management

Our unique algorithms identify unused value, then provide extension recommendations without extra risk.

Reliability Data Management

Reliability Data Management

Data-driven, full-spectrum asset health picture can be generated on your selected fleets/assets.

Unmatched Predictive analytics tools

Predictive Analytics Techniques

Leverage the superior data cleaning and organising capabilities to launch predictive analytics to trend data, compare equipment, assess strategy performance and event impacts.

Preventive Maintenance Strategy

Preventive Maintenance Strategy

Preventative maintenance can be achieved through our proprietary component tracking system which applies the latest analytics techniques to provide component changeout recommendations based on the strategy performance curve generated by live field and health data

Action & recommendation workflow

Action & Recommendation Workflow

Our action tracking system reports on execution success within your CMMS to help to keep Execution Teams and Master data teams accountable in their role they play in the reliability sequence.

Component tracking & management

Equipment / Component / Defect Tracking

Our multi-faceted condition monitoring program combines multiple streams of data such as location, condition, properties, status and repair history, to generate proactive maintenance and mitigation strategies


About us

INTELICS is a Queensland born-and-bred industrial software company. We have been providing software solutions to mining companies and vendors alike for around 6 years. Our custom software creates systems for efficient business, equipment and staff management. With years of experience within mining industries, INTELICS understands the needs and requirements of industrial workplaces.

We are local with grassroots in Mackay-Isaac-Whitsunday Region. Our Main Office is now located in Brisbane, with customer support positioned accessibly in Mackay.

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