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Trailing Cables management system

Better cable performance, better reliability & productivity

Track and manage trailing cables across open cut and underground mine sites and provide unparalleled data to help combat and control cable damage. Understanding trailing cable performance is a crucial step toward maximising reliability and productivity from your cable group.

    Find out what INTELICS Trailing Cables can do for your company


    Intelligent Cable Management
    to optimise equipment performance

    Our smart algorithm can track the condition and location of your cables and show you the most reliable cable in the laydown. Intelligent decision-making to maximise equipment availability. All through our intuitive click & drag user interface.
    Full visibility, tracking machines and cables
    Complete visibility
    of machines and cables

    Track all trailing cable location, condition, properties, status and repair history.

    predictive analytics
    Predictive Analytics
    to identify risks and opportunities

    Statistics based algorithms and machine learning techniques turn data into actionable insight.

    mining compliance
    Full Compliance
    with industry regulations

    Compliant to Mines Regulations in
    QLD, NSW, SA and WA.


    Single Source of Truth
    for all your cable data

    Trailing Cables - Better cable performance, better reliability & productivity
    Cable Management
    Cable Management

    Tracks cable position in run, cable condition, total run length and movement.

    Repair Workflow
    Repair Workflow

    Interactive platform that engages cable repair vendors to track cable repair progress and history.

    Equipment Management
    Equipment Management

    Handles draglines, shovels, transformers, substations and non-GPS enabled equipment.

    Charts & Analytics
    Charts & Analytics

    Unique Cable Usage and Degradation algorithm ranks cables based on usage history, not just last condition rating.

    Reporting & Integration
    Reporting & Integration

    Generates cable usage statistics reports and weekly status and usage emails. GPS data can be exported to external systems.

    Your data is safe with us

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    All data in transit is
    SSL/TLS encrypted

    Data between Web Server – Database and Web Server – File Storage is SSL/TLS encrypted

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    All data at rest is
    encrypted with AES-256

    User passwords encrypted with PBKDF2 algorithm with SHA256 hash

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    Your data is secure and only visible/accessible to
    authorised user groups

    Different user access levels to control who has what access. E.g. read only access for people that need to look up installed parts

    Large scale vendors onboard
    Reports currently managed
    mining asset
    Worth assets managed for clients

    INTELICS software trusted
    by Australia’s top mining companies

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