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Queensland Mining’s First
Full-Spectrum Digital
Contractor Management System

Streamline your mining operations with confidence – From legislative obligations to contractor governance and compliance, our digitised Contractor Management system gives you complete visibility over your entire Contractor Management process.

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    Our Contractor Management Platform is trusted by top mining companies across Australia.

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    Risk events
    can be forecasted
    Risk Oversight dashboard provides a unique
    forecasting of oncoming risk. Applying a summary
    algorithm, we can forecast upcoming risks arising
    in relation to work undertaken by a contractor at
    the mine. It includes any fatal event risks involving
    contractor competencies, hire equipment
    compliance and approved chemicals. 
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    administration of
    your Safety & Health
    Management Plans
    We manage all your obligations under 42, 43, and 47
    of the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act.
    No more spreadsheets!
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    Total contractor
    Controls governance of the contractors.
    Includes meeting schedules, action logs, KPi tracking,
    incident reporting, and compliance health.
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    End-to-end digital
    compliance visibility
    We cover the full compliance spectrum, including
    site access, role competencies, equipment critical
    works, and approved chemical usage.

    One source. One platform. One solution.
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    Built for all level of users

    Streamlined WorkflowAutomate administrative tasks associated with
    contractor management, such as document
    creation and approval workflows. This helps to
    reduce errors and save time.
    Better Performance TrackingTrack and manage the performance of contractors,
    including their delivery of goods and services,
    adherence to timelines, and overall quality of work.
    Improved communicationOur contractor management software provides a
    centralised platform for communication between
    contract owners and contractors, which can help to
    ensure that all parties are on the same page.
    Proactive Worker SafetyReal-time insight into identifying potential fatal
    event risks before they become incidents and
    implementing critical controls to prevent them
    from occurring.
    Enhanced CollaborationBoost collaboration between different teams and
    departments on the mine site through tracking
    performance and sharing information in one
    centralised platform.
    Full Resource ForecastingHave full visibility on who and what is on site,
    and whether they are compliant and ready to go.
    Do they have the skills to complete your work
    package? Our system doubles as an active
    Resource Planning Tool. 
    Balance the accountabilityThe digital SHMP helps to balance the accountability
    between the area manager and the contractor.
    Providing the contractor with a streamlined highly
    visible system shifts the onus of compliance to them,
    reducing your legal exposure.
    Cost SavingHave your resources operating equipment and on
    the workshop floor rather than in the training room.
    Our system enhances the productivity of your
    Operational EfficiencyEffective risk oversight can lead to reduced
    downtime and costs associated with accidents,
    and a positive reputation for the mine among
    workers and the wider community.

    Know who is coming to site, and know what they will be doing.

    Your data is safe with us

    Meet the highest industry data security standards.

    CMP has been developed using industry best practices to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

    Apply industry best practice & Third party audits.

    Our software has undergone rigorous third-party audits to verify that it meets all relevant industry standards and regulations.

    Your data is secure and only visible/accessible to authorised user groups

    We employ robust access controls to ensure that only authorized user groups have access to your data, providing peace of mind that your sensitive information is protected.

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