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Vendor Reports

Condition Monitoring Platform you can trust

Vendor Reports creates an intuitive environment for all your vendors to upload their reports, and brings accountability with workflow to site supervisors, ensuring the best maintenance outcome possible for your equipment.

    Find out what INTELICS Vendor Reports can do

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    Standardisation of Process
    for your entire workplace

    Your hire partners will make visible to you all of their certificates and compliance results. These include brake tests, ongoing statutory inspections for lifting equipment and electrical, site compliance certificates, and more.
    Full spectrum reliability data management
    not just fluid analysis recommendations. This enables us to provide a full Asset Health picture on your selected fleets/assets.
    Streamlined action/recommendation workflow
    ensures critical defects are monitored until repaired. This is the value step. Actions are SAP integrated.
    Optimised component strategy library
    Supported by our proprietary Component Tracking system and optimised via predictive analytics.
    Comprehensive component tracking function
    Visually forecast major PCR events enabling planners to stagger, taking pressure off supply lead times and labour availability.
    Reliable component life extension tool
    Our unique algorithms identify unused value, then provide extension recommendations without extra risk. It’s basically free money, with this feature potentially saving you millions.
    Unmatched predictive analytics tools
    Leverage the superior data cleaning and organising capabilities to launch predictive analytics to compare and trend data like never before. Compare like equipment, assess strategy performance, discover event impacts. You’re limited by your imagination, not the tool!

    Fleet Asset Health

    It’s simple. Productivity. The healthier your fleet, the more productive it becomes, and your entire operation is more cost-effective. The savings are achieved through more product moved, or by reducing your fleet size for the same production capacity.

    The initial spend on the Asset Health improvement is usually only a fraction of the productivity benefits it can deliver, if done properly.

    Vendor Reports Dashboard

    Risk Assessment
    at a glance

    Vendor Reports assists the maintenance manager in ensuring all critical equipment is kept operating at its best. Critical Equipment relies on specialist 3rd party expertise to examine and provide recommendations for the optimal performance and reliability of those assets. These reports are usually emailed through without visibility to the risk holder. These critical reports either become forgotten in an overwhelmed Inbox, linger on a USB stick somewhere, or get buried in a huge file repository.

    Vendor Reports enables any vendor to upload into the system, where it is catalogued against the asset, risk assessed, and any recommended actions are workflowed through to the relevant responsible teams. Compliance reports are then given to the Manager who can see in a snapshot the health of the critical equipment, and the progress of the recommendations.

    Your data is safe with us

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    Meet the highest industry data security standards
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    Align with AS/NZS IEC 60812:2020 standards
    Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA and FMECA)
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    Your data is secure and only visible/accessible to authorised user groups
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    Large scale vendors onboard
    Worth assets managed for clients
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    How can Vendor Reports
    increase your fleet asset health?

    Optimised Maintenance Strategies

    Maintenance Strategies

    Preventative maintenance strategies are supported by our proprietary component tracking feature.

    A standardised Field Form where data can be quickly entered on to a field tablet, the data checked by a Reliability Specialist. The data is then used in combination with health data to form a strategy performance curve. This system can then deliver value to you in two ways. The first is an automated analysis to check the health of your strategies. Should the frequencies be shortened, lengthened, is it just right?

    The second is a component life extension. Using the latest applied analytics techniques, we provide component changeout recommendations without increasing your risk of failure. When Large equipment components are valued in the hundreds of thousands, this feature alone could save you millions of dollars per year.

    ICON - Intelligent Defect Elimination

    Defect Elimination

    Intelligent Defect Elimination is supported by our multi-faceted condition monitoring program. Instead of one-dimensional analysis such as identifying an engine oil has high particle count, or low viscosity, INTELICS Vendor Reports can tell you why, and the best known solution to fix it. This is due to the multiple streams of data we combine to analyse and detect failure modes. Evaluating potential failure modes and damage mechanisms of all critical and important classes of equipment, as well as the causes and remedies to develop proactive mitigation strategies.

    Our natural language processor checks the effectiveness of the solution against recorded production data and future ConMon results. Analyse shift logs and the recommendations and match these with elemental analysis results. Our machine learning system then ranks this occurrence and remember that for next time.

    Intuitive Action Follow-through

    Action Follow-Through

    If you’ve engaged a condition monitoring specialist are you getting the best value? That depends on whether you are closing the value cycle.

    The execution team actually performing the work to remove the defect (before failure) is point of value delivery. So the question becomes; Has the defective component been changed out with the updated one? Has your master data been updated to phase out the old one? Have your strategies been updated once a modification has been justified?

    These are the value steps. Most companies are pretty good at identifying defects and highlighting what’s wrong but then drop the ball on the follow-through.

    We have an action tracking system that reports on execution success within your CMMS. This reporting helps to keep Execution Teams and Master data teams accountable in their role they play in the reliability sequence.

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