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Digital Twin for
full Component Life Management

INTELICS Buckets provides an immediate component reference to frontline supervisors. Showing exactly what G.E.T., rigging, jewellery and wear plate combinations are installed on each bucket, dipper, and tray.

Save time & money when chasing the correct part on a breakdown.

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    Monitoring Asset Health,
    Crack Propagation,
    and Component Fatigue

    INTELICS Buckets utilises 3D virtual presentation to create an interactive environment for users to update Bucket components, Rigging and G.E.T. Maps. Simply upload vendor drawings and Buckets can then transform them into interactive parts lists for easy installation and change-outs.
    Track status and actions taken of weekly vendor inspection reports for Rigging and Ropes, upcoming actions (replace, resocket, end for end) and track actions
    digital twin
    Digital Twin

    Help your maintenance team schedule planned change outs, instead of reacting to mad breakdown situations.

    Track defects and Repairs
    Planned Maintenance

    Help your maintenance team schedule planned change outs, instead of reacting to mad breakdown situations.

    Full visibility, tracking machines and cables
    Complete visibility into
    Laydown Management

    Map-based tracking on where each component is in Laydown across your site.


    Component tracking & management

    INTELICS Buckets features a massive catalogue of OEM parts. Track each critical component to see if it is making life, use the data to create your own preventative strategies. Buckets is commonly used by our customers to compare like-parts to determine the superior performer in the specified material grade.

    This minimises component costs and maximises productivity.
    This creates optimised G.E.T. combinations and rigging maps so your frontline workers know which part is best.


    Defect Tracking

    INTELICS Buckets features streamlined equipment inspection workflow which makes wear plate thickness and crack propagation monitoring easy and intuitive.

    Users can update defect status and attach photos through tablets or mobile devices in one go and generate the inspection report through a click.

    Each defect is auto categorised by programmable risk levels. Your master Inspection and Response strategies can be overlayed and digitally workflowed.

    Bucket defect inspection

    Component Life & Digging Sequence

    INTELICS Buckets features operational data feed for BCMs, location and auditing components, and rigging weight for correct BCM calculation. Dragline BCM data is tracked continuously and can be view in combination with multiple bucket BCMs.

    dragline performance data-BCMs

    Your data is safe with us

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    All data in transit is
    SSL/TLS encrypted

    Data between Web Server – Database and Web Server – File Storage is SSL/TLS encrypted

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    All data at rest is
    encrypted with AES-256

    User passwords encrypted with PBKDF2 algorithm with SHA256 hash

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    Your data is secure and only visible/accessible to
    authorised user groups

    Different user access levels to control who has what access. E.g. read only access for people that need to look up installed parts

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    by Australia’s top mining companies

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