Buckets provides an immediate reference to supervisors with regards to what exact part is installed on each bucket, dipper, GET & rigging to assist on what part to chase on a breakdown. It shows where everything is, saving you time & money. There’s a safety element too, with large manual handling tasks, Buckets ensure that you only have to do the task once.


Buckets has now expanded to include Dozer & grader blades as well as truck trays. Get out of your Excel spreadsheets and into Buckets.

Part Tracking
Buckets has become the #1 place in the Bowen Basin to track your bucket, dipper, GET & jewellery wear.
Laydown Management
Map based tracking on where each Component is in laydown across your site.
Planned Maintenance
Help your maintenance team schedule planned changeouts, instead of expecting mad breakdown situations.
Full compliance to the DNRME report. Ensuring only catalogued wear packages are used in repairs.
Repair History
All repair reports and final MDRs are uploaded by vendors and kept for easy reference.
Web Based Application
No software installation required, immediately accessible on all internet connected devices.
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